The Jobs team is located in Gateshead, Newcastle. They make sure all jobs posted on the site are well described and correctly categorised. Every job passes human eyes and if more detail is needed, a member of our team will get in touch with the homeowner to find out more information about their job.


Jobs are posted on MyBuilder all hours of the day, and the team must be on hand from early until late to make sure there are no delays. As such, the team has flexible working hours (except from 11PM - 5AM…we do take breaks). There’s always someone at the helm approving jobs and making customer calls.

Their flexible working pattern means they’re uniquely positioned to support other functions across the business such as customer service, and they’ll often shift responsibilities to help respond to customer queries and make calls that are more than just job-posting related.

Chatty and cheerful

The team is motivated by helping the hundreds of thousands of homeowners fix, improve, and build their homes. They’re constantly on the phones, teasing out the toughest issues for our users and answering any queries that come their way. They’re known for being chatty and cheerful, committed to fantastic customer service and a desire to learn more. If you’re keen to join, the Jobs team is hiring, so get in touch and read more about ourCustomer Care Advisor role.

Open positions

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