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Starting with people

Every week, thousands of jobs are posted by homeowners on MyBuilder, and thousands of tradespeople around the country come to their rescue. At the heart of the proposition are people: hopeful homeowners and skilful trades. Our job is to bring them together. The task for us as marketers is to understand their needs and then demonstrate to them both that we have exactly what they need, exactly when they need it.

For homeowners daunted by the task of finding good tradespeople who are available, we have to show that we are a better way than the old school alternatives. For the trades, we need to show that we understand their business and have a large base of homeowners for them to work for.

Investing for growth

Marketing is a big area of investment at MyBuilder as we look to grow. It’s all very well having a fantastic product and great customer service, but the mantra ‘build it and they will come’ doesn’t always hold true. We want as many people as possible in our target market to be aware of us. And that means advertising at scale and with precision. It means understanding who we’re talking to and knowing what we want to say.

We’ve joined forces with Wieden + Kennedy to help us stand out; we’ve doubled down on editorial aimed at helping and informing homeowners and tradespeople; we’ve optimised our paid search advertising to achieve record low CPAs and we’ve worked hard to bolster our SEO. But this is just the beginning: we’re in a period of rapid growth and, thanks to significant investment from our parent company IAC, on an exciting journey from start-up to market leader in our category.

Take a look at our new TV ad campaign with W+K launched at the beginning of 2020:

Like any team, great results depend on having the right mix of people, all pulling in the same direction. We’re made up of ex-journalists, PPC pros, events experts and even a world-class photojournalist. While we’ve all come to MyBuilder with vastly different experiences, there’s one thing we all believe in - and it’s fast becoming the unifying brand truth behind our marketing: if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

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Meet the team

MyBuilder’s brand is built around one truth: we value pride in a job done right. That informs all of our communications, including our latest campaign.

Ben Ayers, Head of Brand Marketing and Communications

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Vladimir Musaev

Do the right thing. Use data and logic. Don’t overcomplicate things. That’s how we roll at MyBuilder.

Vladimir Musaev, Head of Performance Marketing

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