As a startup, operations at MyBuilder were a shared responsiblity: finance done by the CEO, legal by the CTO, and office cleaning done by everyone. But as we’ve grown and moved office four times (settling into our fabulous Clerkenwell HQ), we’ve started to build out our ops team.

‘Not my job?’ Pshht

No two days are the same at MyBuilder, and you’ll never hear the words, ‘Not my job’. This is true for everyone who works here, especially the ops team. Made up of finance, legal, recruiting, and general office management, the ops team makes sure that the company is not only functioning but thriving. They help bring in new candidates through the pipeline, maintain office culture and health, assist in legal and financial matters, and make sure that each employee has exactly what they need to be successful. The ops team also helps to run company events, such as team outings, whiskey tastings, the summer and Christmas party, and more.

Startup at heart

While we may be well-established, we’re still a startup at heart. We’re a group of hard-working, friendly, and sociable people who have a genuine passion for what we do and the real problems that MyBuilder is solving. If you’re interested in joining us, get in touch.