Post a Job


It doesn’t cost anything to post a job on MyBuilder.com. We charge tradespeople an introduction fee based on the size of the job that you have posted.


Your job will be reviewed by a dedicated team and they may contact you for more information if needed. Once your job has been approved, we alert local tradespeople who will decide whether or not to express interest. We will notify you by email when tradespeople express an interest in your job. At this point, you can review the profiles and feedback of interested tradespeople and shortlist those you would like to speak to. Contact details are exchanged only when you say so.

Why do I need to verify my phone number?


How can I request a quote from a specific tradesperson?

Use the invite feature on your job page to request quotes from tradespeople in our directory. Invited tradespeople will receive an email and SMS inviting them to view your job post. Other local tradespeople will also be notified that your job has been listed and can show interest, but it’s up to you who you decide to shortlist and contact.

Please note that your contact details are only shared with tradespeople you shortlist - or those who accept your invitation.

Can I post jobs for multiple properties using one account?

Yes, you can post jobs for multiple properties from the same account. You will need to enter the correct postcode for each job you post to ensure it’s sent to local tradespeople.

Can I edit my job details?

You can edit your job description before it’s been approved. Once the job is live you can add information to your description but cannot edit what has already been sent out to tradespeople.

How do I cancel my job?

To cancel a job followthis link然后打开你想取消的工作。滚动到页面底部并单击End Job,如果您使用的是计算机,它在左侧窗格中。

Make sure to inform any shortlisted tradespeople that the work is no longer going ahead.

Shortlisting tradespeople

What is shortlisting?


Shortlisting is essential as it allows you to message, hire and finally leave feedback for tradespeople.



A detailed job description will get more responses from tradespeople. A preferred start date can also help tradespeople fit you into their schedule. Adding more information and photos to your job after it has been posted can help generate more interest.

Invite tradespeople to your job from our directory. Interested tradespeople who accept your invitation will get in touch to arrange a quote.

If your job hasn’t received any interest after two days, we will automatically repost it for you.

Can I remove a tradesperson from my shortlist?

When you shortlist a tradesperson we notify them that you would like a quote for your job. As contact details have already been exchanged, you can’t remove tradespeople from your shortlist.



Hiring a tradesperson

Do you have any advice for hiring a tradesperson?

Yes. We have detailed advice guides on how to choose tradespeople and ensure a successful project from start to finish in ourAdvice Centre.

How do I confirm which tradesperson I have chosen?


I’ve hired the wrong person, what do I do?

If you have accidentally selected the wrong tradesperson or changed your mind,contact usand we will reopen the job for you.





You can leave your feedback at any point after an agreement for the work to begin has been reached. We recommend waiting until your dealings with the tradesperson are complete before posting your review.


Can I trust feedback?

Yes. We take this very seriously. We monitor every piece of feedback to ensure it comes from a genuine customer and relates to legitimate work contracted directly through MyBuilder.

If flagged as suspicious, we remove the feedback and review the tradesperson’s account.

Can I remove or change my feedback?

Feedback can be removed at any time and can be changed once, but only if posted less than a year ago.Get in touchfor further assistance as changes can only be made from our side.

Tradespeople cannot remove or edit your feedback.

Why have you removed my feedback?

There are a few situations where we remove feedback:

  • There was no agreement to start the work
  • The tradesperson was sourced outside of MyBuilder
  • The tradesperson and job poster knew each other before connecting on MyBuilder

MyBuilder reserves the right to remove content that is not in line with our policies, including discriminatory comments, foul or abusive language and personal information.

Can I post feedback anonymously?

Feedback automatically links to a job posted on MyBuilder so can’t be left anonymously. If there’s an issue you would like to inform us of in confidence, pleasecontact us.



Public liability insurance covers any damage or accidental injury to a third party or their property caused by a tradesperson or their employees or their business. It also covers any related costs and expenses such as legal fees. It DOES NOT cover poor workmanship and the policy may contain conditions that could restrict the cover.

Public liability insurance does not cover claims from the tradesperson's employees or subcontractors for damage or injury; You will need to ensure that the tradesperson has employer's liability insurance.

Read up aboutinsurance and home improvements.

What is professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance provides cover for losses arising out of professional errors in design and/or specifications offered as part of their service. It DOES NOT cover poor workmanship.


Does MyBuilder check trade liability insurance?

Tradespeople self-certify that they hold appropriate and valid liability insurance. MyBuilder is not able to provide any guarantees that the tradesperson's insurance policy is valid or live.

Before work begins, we recommend you verify that a tradesperson's insurance policy wording and indemnity limits are appropriate for the type of work the tradesperson states they can carry out.

Disputes and problems


Most customers have a good experience when they hire a tradesperson through MyBuilder, but occasionally jobs go wrong or traders run into difficulties.


如果商户未能以令人满意的方式处理你的投诉,或不同意你的观点,你可能需要将事件升级。我们建议在第一种情况下写信给商人,解释你对什么不满意,你希望商人做什么,以及什么时候。Citizens Advice havea selection of letter templatesthat can help you draft a complaint.

You should give the tradesperson a reasonable period of time to respond to your complaint and address your concerns. If they won’t or can’t fix the problem, you do have the right to ask for a partial or even a full refund in certain circumstances. You may need to negotiate and agree on a figure.


  • What happened?
  • What have you done so far to try and resolve the dispute?
  • What resolution are you seeking?

When you are ready, we recommend that you leave feedback about your experience. The ability to leave a comment on the trader’s public profile creates a level of accountability that wouldn't otherwise exist. Tradespeople have the right to reply to any neutral or negative feedback posted to the site.

Additional resources

Read our advice article aboutdealing with disputes.

Does MyBuilder offer a dispute resolution service?


我如何联系您与MyBuilder Plus工作的问题?

If you have a MyBuilder Plus policy and need support, you can reach us by visiting theMyBuilder Plus contact page.


We believe that feedback is the best way of holding tradespeople accountable for their work. If you hired a tradesperson through MyBuilder and feel let down, you should post feedback about your experience. Although we monitor all feedback posted on the site, you can also log a complaint through ourcontact form.



We expect tradespeople to treat job posters with courtesy and to notify them if they are unable to attend an arranged appointment. If a tradesperson fails to show up, you cancontact usand we will record your complaint against the tradesperson’s account. We monitor reliability and persistent offenders are suspended.

Trade screening


All tradespeople have their ID checked and skills evaluated when they apply to join MyBuilder.

使用MyBuilder的商家需要通过我们可信赖的反馈系统接受消费者的持续审查。反馈给平台带来了责任和透明度,帮助消费者做出明智的决定。Feedback can only be left after a relationship has been confirmed through MyBuilder, which combats abuse and fraudulent behaviour.

如果一个商人在MyBuilder上没有反馈,不要害怕向他们以前工作过的客户寻求推荐。We also recommend you read ourhiring advicebefore you choose a tradesperson.


We recommend you read ourhiring advicebefore you decide who to hire as the type of checks you carry out will vary depending on the type of job you have posted.

Feedback gives an indication of a tradesperson’s track record and you should read previous customers’ reviews before choosing who to hire. If a tradesperson doesn’t have any feedback you can ask them for references from previous customers; most tradespeople will also have examples of previous work that they will be happy to share.


公众责任保险涵盖您的财产,或第三方的财产,在事件造成损害的工作。Itdoes notcover poor workmanship. We recommend you verify a tradesperson’s policy covers everything you need before agreeing to any work.

Professional indemnity insurance provides cover for losses arising out of professional errors in design and/or specifications offered as part of the tradesperson’s service. This insurance is typically used by architects, designers, engineers, and design & build contractors anddoes notcover poor workmanship.


Technical help


Add our email address to your contacts:

Email providers sometimes mark our emails as spam so take a look in your junk mail folder. If any of our messages are in there you should mark them as safe. To help stop this from happening in future you should add info@mybuilder.com and/or @mybuilder.com to your list of safe senders or contacts. If you have done all of this and you are still having problems, get in touch and we will try to help you get the issue resolved.

Can I unsubscribe from emails and texts?


In order to get the most out of MyBuilder we need to send you email notifications about your job. If you no longer wish to receive these notifications, you will need to end your job listing.

How do I delete my account?

If you no longer need MyBuilder to find a tradesperson, you can end your job listing by selecting the job from theMy Posted Jobs部分,然后选择“结束工作”选项。

You may also wish to update yourNotification Settings选择您将来从我们接收到的通讯类型。

If you wish for us to delete all of your personal information from our systems altogether, pleaseContact Usto make that request.

Please note that you will no longer have access to the MyBuilder account and we will not be able to provide further support in relation to any aspect of your MyBuilder account.


You can change your email address in youraccount settings. We will send a confirmation email to the new email address for verification. If this is not received, please check your junk/spam folders.

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Make sure you are logged in then you canchange your password.



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