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About our fees

Our fees


Fee disputes process

We don’t waive shortlist fees in most cases. You can dispute a shortlist fee if:

  • The customer’s phone line is out of service

  • You are shortlisted twice for the same job

  • The customer shortlists you then immediately messages via MyBuilder to decline you

If you have incurred a fee for any of the above, please get in touch with the job title, customer name and a clear description of the issue.

Contact us to dispute a shortlist fee



Because the customer has chosen you and we’ve verified their contact number, most shortlists should result in positive contact. Despite our best efforts though, we cannot guarantee you will always make contact, get to quote or win the job.



We review and price every job lead posted on the site. Each lead is priced according to the expected job value which is based on the description of the work and the location. The fee is clearly visible on the lead before you show interest in the job. Remember, there is no fee for expressing interest - the fee only applies if you are shortlisted.


Sign-up & ID Verification

How do I join MyBuilder as a tradesperson?

Applying for a MyBuilder trade account is quick and easy. To get your application for a trade account underway,register here.

When you apply, we will ask you to:

  • Provide information about you and your company
  • Complete an evaluation for each trade you apply for
  • Verify your identity

We aim to approve trade applications within 48 hours (Monday to Friday).


We need to verify your ID before you can express interest in jobs on MyBuilder. To complete the process you will need to submit a valid photo ID document and a clear photo of you.

在线提交文件和照片很容易。如果您正在申请加入MyBuilder,您将被提示在完成我们的在线申请过程中上传它们。这很简单,只需要几分钟。You can return to your application at any time from the link in the email we sent you when you started, or bylogging in.

If your account has been set up but you cannot express interest in jobs because we have not validated your ID, you can go to theID check page按照说明去做。一旦我们核实了你的身份,你就可以去寻找线索了。

We aim to complete the verification within 24 hours from Monday to Friday, though it may take longer during busy periods and bank holidays, or if we need to contact you for more information.

Tips on taking a great photo

Depending on your device, you may be asked to upload a photo of your face that you or a friend have taken, so here's a quick guide to taking a shot that puts you in the best possible light.

  • Get a friend to help
    Trying to get a good angle with a selfie can be difficult, no matter how long your arms are!

  • Take your picture outdoors

  • Get in the frame
    Make sure you're front and centre - get your head and shoulders in shot, a few paces away from the camera.


In most cases, we need to verify the identity of the primary point of contact for your customers.

If you are a limited company, registered with Companies House, then we will also need to verify the identity of a registered director if different from the primary account contact.



Absolutely, justcontact usand request a callback.

I’m trying to sign up but it’s saying my email address is already in use.

LOGINto the MyBuilder account currently registered to your email address. Don’t worry if you can’t remember your password, there will be onscreen options that allow you to access your account in other ways.

Once logged in, go to yoursettings page然后换一个不同的邮箱地址。如果你没有另一个电子邮件地址,你可以在网上很快创建一个。一旦改变,这将释放原来的电子邮件地址,以供您注册。

Alternatively, you can just sign-up using a different email address.

How to win more work

How to write a great introduction message


Your message should let the customer know you are keen on the work and give a reason for them to choose you over the competition. An effective message should include:

  • An introduction to you / your company
  • Your key selling points (experience, qualifications, insurance, etc.)
  • Your level of service (satisfaction guarantees, reliability, cleanliness, quality of work)
  • Your availability to quote and commence work, if accepted
  • A direct and friendly request to be shortlisted for the work


You can save your message as a template so you don’t have to type it out each time; just remember to update details such as your availability before sending it to the customer.


If you would like some bespoke advice on creating a message just right for your business, pleasecontact our Support team, who will be happy to assist.

How to build a winning profile

你的贸易概况基本上就是你的商店橱窗,所以花时间尽可能完整地完成它是很重要的。There are five main sections to complete:




This is an ideal opportunity to list the types of work you undertake, mention any particularly interesting projects you have completed, and to really sell the service you offer.

Photo gallery

In your gallery you can show off the jobs you are most proud of and represent all the services you provide. Try and include photos of different project types, and always write a caption below to let the customer know what they are looking at.



Easy one this - list your trade qualifications, accreditations and length of experience. Mention any relevant courses you may have attended, and membership of any trade bodies.



Ask a Tradesperson

‘Ask a Tradesperson’ allows homeowners to get great advice directly from expert tradespeople. Any questions you answer will be shown on your profile page which is a great way demonstrate your knowledge to potential customers, especially if you’re new to MyBuilder and don’t have much feedback.

When can I expect to see results?

Winning work through MyBuilder is all about showcasing your profile and providing customers with a great service experience. As your feedback reputation on the site grows, you gain trust and winning work gets easier.


If you’re struggling to win work,get in touch, and we’ll be happy to provide some advice.

Job leads & shortlisting

What is shortlisting?

You express interest in leads by sending the job poster an introduction message. It’s free to express interest. The job poster can then either decline your interest or add you to their shortlist. Being added to a shortlist means the job poster likes the sound of your message and the look of your profile and they’re giving you permission to contact them directly to discuss their job.

Contact details are automatically shared with every shortlist; you will receive the job poster’s telephone number. Our fee is only applied once you are shortlisted.




When a job poster adds you to their shortlist, you will receive a notification containing their name and telephone number along with the job details. Notifications are sent via email and text message, if you have opted to receive SMS alerts. The job poster will also get your telephone number but you should call them as soon as you can - don’t rely on them making the first move.


What is an invitation?

招聘广告可以搜索他们所在地区的商人,并向他们想要联系的人发送邀请。如果客户向您发送邀请,您将收到电子邮件通知和文本消息,如果您选择接收短信提醒。You have three options when you are invited:

  • No thanks: Choose your reason for declining from a list of options and we will notify the job poster.
  • 入围我:接受邀请,入围费用将自动申请。你会立即得到招聘海报的详细信息,你可以发送信息与招聘海报,你接受他们的邀请。为了最好的成功机会,尽快给他们打电话。
  • Express interest in this job like a normal lead: Send the job poster a message and the fee won’t be applied or contact details exchanged unless they add you to their shortlist.

How are leads verified?




Email and Lead Notifications

Why am I not receiving your emails?

Double check which email address is registered to your account and update if necessary.

View and update your contact details

Check our emails are not being directed to your junk/spam folder. If they are, mark them as safe and add to your list of contacts or safe senders.

If, after 24 hours, you are still not receiving our emails, pleasecontact us, and we’ll be in touch.

Why am I not receiving SMS alerts?

Check youraccount settingsand make sure you have ticked ‘I’d like to receive SMS alerts’


How can I get push notifications?

Push notifications are available through our iPhone app which you candownloadfrom the apple store.

When using the app, all shortlist and invitation notifications will show up on your phone. This replaces SMS alerts which are sent to all non app users. If you would prefer to keep the SMS alerts, you will need to disable push notifications in the app settings.

The app is currently only available to iPhone users.

Quote Tool

What is Quote Tool?

报价工具是一个新的,免费的服务,我们已经建立,让我们的商人创建和发送详细的,专业的报价在几分钟内。只要找到你想要的任务,选择相关的细节和报价工具将输出全面的书面报价在分钟。Learn more about Quote Tool.


No, there is no requirement to use Quote Tool to continue using other MyBuilder services.


If you need to change the business details that appear on your quote,转到我们的联系表格,并让我们知道需要改变的地方。

Can I use Quote Tool for jobs outside MyBuilder?

Absolutely! You can use our tool for all of your jobs, whether you're quoting through MyBuilder or other sources.

How is a quote different from an estimate?

Estimates might help you turn a lead into a won job but they offer little protection or clarity, leaving both you and your customer vulnerable to unforeseen circumstances. Quotes, on the other hand, are legal agreements that outline exactly what you will do and what you will charge. They commit you to do the work for that price, but they also help ensure the customer pays you on time and empower you to charge more for additional work. Read more about quotes vs estimates in ourTrade Hub article.


要从MyBuilder工作创建报价,去你的工作在领导,并点击“开始构建一个报价”按钮。If you are using theLeads iOS app, make sure theQuote Tool app也安装了。

How do tasks/jobs work?

Tasks are the building blocks that help you outline the scope of work. You can search or explore to find them, and there should be one for every job or project. Tasks contain forms which collect information about the job and output them on the quote in a presentable and professional way. They are designed to speed up the quoting process by doing the hard work for you, allowing them to input a lot of information in just a few taps and swipes.



Can I add my own prices?

You can add any price you like. You can also add split payments and provide your own payment milestones.

Can I add my logo to my quotes?

Yes you can. In the settings screen (link top-right when on the 'Jobs list' page), you'll find a section to upload your own logo.These appear on all quotes sent to your customers, next to your business details.


You can send as many quotes as you like to a customer. You can find all the quotes you have sent in the job on the Quote Tool home screen/landing page. You can create another version by hitting the green ‘Create Quote’ button. If the details of the job change, we encourage you to send a new quote.


Not yet, though you can withdraw any quote you no longer want to be valid unless it has already been accepted by the customer.



Do I have to sign the Data Sharing Agreement?

如果您想继续使用MyBuilder,您必须签署数据共享协议。为遵守GDPR,所有交易用户在通过Leads服务和Quote Tool向我们提供客户个人数据时,必须签署本协议。这是强制性的,从条款和条件发布的同时,报价工具发布给所有用户。

Billing & Payments


You can update your card details in thepayment settings在您的帐户。


We accept payment online via credit or debit card. Your card details will be securely stored for future use. To save time, you can set up automated payments where your invoices will be paid on the due date with your saved card.

Are my card details safe?

Yes - your details are securely stored by WorldPay, a trusted payment processor for many UK-based merchants, accounting for approximately 42% of UK card payments.

When will I be invoiced?


What happens if an invoice becomes very overdue?

If an invoice is more than two weeks overdue:

  • 您的帐户将被限制。你无法表达对工作的兴趣,也无法发送信息。
  • 我们将停止向你发送线索。

It is important that you pay any very overdue invoices as soon as possible. If you are having trouble paying or have any queries about your invoice, you shouldcontact usas soon as possible.


Double check yourinvoices page看看是否有未付款项。如果是这样,这可能意味着你的付款失败,所以你需要再次尝试。如果您的付款是最新的,退出您的帐户,并再次登录。

If you are still restricted, pleasecontact us, and we’ll be in touch.



You can receive feedback at any point after an agreement for the work to begin has been reached. Your customer will rate their experience as positive, neutral or negative. The feedback offers their opinion of the service they received. All reviews instantly appear on your profile which can be viewed by anyone online.


Only customers sourced directly through the MyBuilder platform can leave feedback.

How do I request feedback?

想要得到反馈,你的客户首先要把你标记为被雇佣。If they are yet to do so, find them in your list ofshortlisted leadsand click “Send Hire Request”. This option appears 24 hours after being shortlisted.

When a hire is confirmed, view yourjobs wonlist, select the relevant lead and click “Ask for feedback”. Unlike the one-off hire request, this link will refresh once a week.


I've received negative feedback. What can I do?

Firstly; don’t panic. This is not the end of the world. Many successful tradespeople receive negative feedback at some point and go on to win plenty more work.

Once you’ve agreed to carry out the work, the feedback can only be removed at the request of the job poster. If there is a way to resolve any highlighted problems, send them a friendly message through MyBuilder and try to find an agreeable solution. If this is not possible, we recommend posting a calm and professional reply to their review.


You should have received an email containing advice on how to write a strong reply. If you want further help with this, pleaseget in touchwith our Trade Support team who will be happy to help.

How should I reply?


  • Put any negative feelings to one side; sleep on it if necessary. You’ll be more able to effectively address the feedback with a level head
  • Keep it short and friendly so it doesn’t look like a rant
  • Include any steps you took to resolve the issues. Future customers will see that you are able to address any problems in a professional and courteous manner
  • Invite potential customers to view your other feedback so they can see what level of service to expect from you.

如果你需要进一步的帮助,请get in touchwith our Trade Support team who will be happy to help.

Why has my feedback been removed?

There are a few situations where we remove feedback:

  • There was no agreement to start the work
  • The tradesperson was sourced outside of MyBuilder
  • The tradesperson and job poster knew each other before connecting on MyBuilder

MyBuilder reserves the right to remove content that is not in line with our policies, including discriminatory comments, foul or abusive language and personal information.

Technical help


You can change your address, phone number, business website and email address in youraccount settings.

If you are changing your address you may also need to update yourworking area.

I can't express interest. What should I do?

Check your invoices are not marked as very overdue as this will prevent you being able to express interest. If your payments are up to date, log out of your account and sign back in again.



If you are receiving leads but cannot express interest, go to theID check pageand follow the instructions to submit your ID. You will be able to go for leads as soon as we have completed the verification process.



We will send you an email when we have completed our checks and you can start expressing interest. If you still cannot express interest, pleasecontact usand we’ll be in touch.



Login Problems


Go to theLogin page.

Enter your registered email address and choose one of three simple options to access the site.

Still can’t log in? Follow the steps in the troubleshooting section at the bottom of this page.

Oops something went wrong - CSRF error

If you see this error message, it indicates an issue with the cookie settings on your device which can be resolved by following the steps in the troubleshooting section at the bottom of this page.

Why do I have to log in every time I use the site?

This is usually because cookies are not enabled on your device. To resolve the issue, follow the steps in the troubleshooting section at the bottom of this page.

How do I change my password?

Make sure you are logged in then you canchange your password.


Make sure the time and date on your device are set correctly.

Check your cookies are enabled

If not, you will need to enable them on your browser.

How to enable cookies

Once enabled, log out of your account and sign back in again.

If this does not resolve the issue,send us a messageand we will be in touch.

Can't find the answer you're looking for?Contact support